ReCycle Rocdale – stage 2 – Newbold Girls.

The second stage 2 group are the Newbold Girls from the Moss Street Youth Centre.

They visited the museum on another rainy evening and were introduced to the Pioneers fascinating history by Clare.

The visit provide much inspiration and the group have started making bike junk sculptures inspired by  symbols of cooperation including a skep (beehive), a wheatsheaf, many 3D bees and some amazing flowers.

The Cog Bike Peleton Gets Ready

Visitors to the Cooperation on Wheels exhibition created some great Cog Bikes for our Recycle Rochdale Peleton. There area an amazing assortment of bike types and styles including a super-cool BMX, Sports For All racer and a unicycle (or two).

As some of the young art bike artists were interested in how the Cog Bikes are made into solid artworks and we couldn’t do any welding at the Sparth Community Centre or the Rochdale Pioneers Museum here is a short film of welding one of the bikes too…