Bellfield Banter as the Smallbridge group paints into the night!

Tuesday was the last ReCycle Rocdale session at Smallbridge library and time to finish the artwork to be add to the sculpture at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum. The group did great work spraying their cog and chain creations despite the very cold conditions outside and whilst waiting for the paint to cure on the cold metal designed the layout for their section of the artwork.

With amazing creativity they linked every piece created into a narrative to tell the story of the Rochdale Pioneers and Co-operation in Rochdale.

 Our project is about the Rochdale Pioneers, we created a sculpture from scraped bike parts. We created A 3D model mill, Trandem, a 3D model of the world etc.

The story is about a man called Billy Cooper and a man called Sam Ashworth, they came together to trade goods and help the community. A group of people came together known as the Pioneers and they created a building called the Co-operative. They created this building so that the community could work-together. The sheep were on the hills, their wool was shawn and sent to the mills, in here clothes were made.

The next part of our sculpture shows how the wholsesale goods (by the CWS) were transported around the country on bikes (some were trandems), this gave people the basic necessities. The Rochdale town hall was created in 1866-1872, the purpose of creating the town centre was to attract more people from around the world. The heart symbolizes the love and affection of the residents of Rochdale for Co-operation and how it spread around the world.

Great work by the Bellfield Banters (their new group name!) and looking forward to seeing you at the artwork unveiling soon!


Creative Co-operative Rainbow Girls at the Moss Street Youth Centre

The final visit to the Moss Street Youth Centre and luckily it was a warm and bright winter afternoon as the main job was spray painting the cog artwork already created.

The group got stuck in cleaning the artwork then worked as a team to choose colours and spray the artwork, as some of the group were new to the project and a few of the original team couldn’t make it the artwork and spray painting was shared out between everyone in a truly Co-operative process.

Whilst the paint was drying the group came up with a name for their group:

The Creative Co-operative Rainbows Girls at Moss Street Youth Centre!

And wrote a bit about their experiences on the project:

When I went to the museum we found out:

That in 1840’s the Victorian times £1.00 was 240p and a group of 28 people wanted to start a new shop and each one of them had to save £1:00. It took them a year because they had to pay for bills and food and shelter etc.

Meanwhile, after the visit to the museum we thought about making our own scene to be put in the museum.

So we had previously been making a few models for an example a bee hive, bees, humans, flowers etc. We had to screw the models together and then melt them together later and by doing this it all stuck together in the end we spray painted them all. We did finishing touches using paint pens. And then we tried to create a fun layout to attach everything to the existing sculpture.

The artwork will be on display at the Cooperative Pioneers Museum from December 13th

A great day and some amazing artwork made, thank you to all the CCRG and to Ray for bringing a celebratory cake!

ReCycle Rocdale – stage 2 – Newbold Girls.

The second stage 2 group are the Newbold Girls from the Moss Street Youth Centre.

They visited the museum on another rainy evening and were introduced to the Pioneers fascinating history by Clare.

The visit provide much inspiration and the group have started making bike junk sculptures inspired by  symbols of cooperation including a skep (beehive), a wheatsheaf, many 3D bees and some amazing flowers.

ReCycle Rochdale – second stage.

The ReCycle Rochdale Project has been expanded to two new groups based at Smallbridge Library and The Moss Street Youth Centre, Newbold.

The Smallbridge group visited The Rochdale Pioneers Museum on a rainy evening and undertook a grand tour led by Jonny followed by a quick discussion about cooperatives and ideas for the artwork.

Their ideas included a globe made from bike wheels to show how the concept of Cooperation had spread from Rochdale across the world, a bike cog model of one of Rochdale’s historical mills and a few self portraits in cogs of group members…


Tour De France Countdown Party

The ReCyCle Rochdale Kinetic Art Bike Sculpture was unveiled at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum Tour de France countdown party.

Lots of the young junk sculpture artists came to the party and met the Mayor of Rochdale – Councillor Carol Elizabeth Wardle to explain the sculpture and how they had created it.

They also made smoothies with Peter and the Sustrans bike powered smoothie maker, a healthy and fun way to make a tasty drink: the smoother you pedal the smoother the drink…

They also featured on BBC radio Manchester...

Photography by Andy Hirst Photography






The Sculpture Installed

The ReCyCle Rochdale Kinetic Art Bike sculpture has been install and is looking amazing! Please come to the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and have a look and play and see all the hard work by the young artists and how great it looks. Also visit the Cooperation on Wheels exhibition whilst you’re there!

It’s the Tour de France Countdown Party today (Sat 28th June) with loads going on…







The Sculpture Takes Shape

The cog bike peleton makes it way up the Hills of Rochdale passing the Town Hall, house and tree, two bees buzz around the brightly coloured cog flowers and imaginary man gets a final lick of paint. The ReCyCle Rochdale Kinetic Art Bike Sculpture takes shape in the artists studio ready for it’s grand unveiling on Saturday at Rochdale Pioneers Museum Tour de France Countdown Party.

Colourful Cog Bikes

Tonight the Art Bike Artists got colourful spray painting all of the Cog Bikes created at the Cooperation on Wheels launch, along with our Hills of Rochdale houses, Town Hall and decorative flowers.

We were also visited by Olla, a student from Hopwood Hall who is making a documentary about the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and who inetrviewed some of the young artists about the project – let’s hope we make it to the final edit.

As it was our last creative session we ended the evening with a small celebration that included a very special cake…



and a very special cake!

To celebrate the final creative session for Recycle Rochdale Jasmin had made two cakes which the young artists transformed through the magic of icing and art into an Amazing Art Bike Cake!

The cake featured everyone’s names as spokes on the wheels, a Tour de France Leaders Jersey Yellow Frame and thick icing tyres. It seemed a shame to have to cut it into slices, but everyone was glad we did as as well as looking brilliant it tasted great!

The Cog Bike Peleton Gets Ready

Visitors to the Cooperation on Wheels exhibition created some great Cog Bikes for our Recycle Rochdale Peleton. There area an amazing assortment of bike types and styles including a super-cool BMX, Sports For All racer and a unicycle (or two).

As some of the young art bike artists were interested in how the Cog Bikes are made into solid artworks and we couldn’t do any welding at the Sparth Community Centre or the Rochdale Pioneers Museum here is a short film of welding one of the bikes too…