Creative Co-operative Rainbow Girls at the Moss Street Youth Centre

The final visit to the Moss Street Youth Centre and luckily it was a warm and bright winter afternoon as the main job was spray painting the cog artwork already created.

The group got stuck in cleaning the artwork then worked as a team to choose colours and spray the artwork, as some of the group were new to the project and a few of the original team couldn’t make it the artwork and spray painting was shared out between everyone in a truly Co-operative process.

Whilst the paint was drying the group came up with a name for their group:

The Creative Co-operative Rainbows Girls at Moss Street Youth Centre!

And wrote a bit about their experiences on the project:

When I went to the museum we found out:

That in 1840’s the Victorian times £1.00 was 240p and a group of 28 people wanted to start a new shop and each one of them had to save £1:00. It took them a year because they had to pay for bills and food and shelter etc.

Meanwhile, after the visit to the museum we thought about making our own scene to be put in the museum.

So we had previously been making a few models for an example a bee hive, bees, humans, flowers etc. We had to screw the models together and then melt them together later and by doing this it all stuck together in the end we spray painted them all. We did finishing touches using paint pens. And then we tried to create a fun layout to attach everything to the existing sculpture.

The artwork will be on display at the Cooperative Pioneers Museum from December 13th

A great day and some amazing artwork made, thank you to all the CCRG and to Ray for bringing a celebratory cake!

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