Artwork concept CO-OP from bike parts.

Lets get making!

Our second evening at Sparth Youth Club it was time to get our hands dirty and get making!

We started off by looking at our inspiration from the previous week and deciding what would be a good form for the our artwork bearing in mind that it would grace to front on the Rochdale Pioneers Museum for all of Summer it had to:

  • Look good
  • Be striking
  • Attract interest
  • Say something about the Pioneers
  • Be made collaboratively and in co-operation between groups

We looked at our list of words from week one and decided that the best approach would be to make a readable sign artwork from bike parts, the obvious word to start from was CO-OP!

We then started on the fun job of choosing parts from our pile of old bikes, deciding what parts we could use to make what letters and taking them apart to test how it looked:

  • C will be a large bike wheel cut into a semi-circle
  • O & O will be bike wheels on a bike frame
  • P will be the rear triangle and seat post of an old bike

By the end of the evening we had a basic layout for the artwork and some great ideas of what we could add detail, design and movement wise to create an amazing work of art.




ReCyCle Rochdale gets going.

The ReCyCle Rochdale ‘Grand Depart’ took place on the evening of 12 March 2014 at Sparth Community Centre with the lead group for the project, Sparth Youth Club members, sometimes known as The Spartans.

We met the group and organiser Kenny and spent the evening discussing the project, what we knew about The Tour de France and cycling in general along with an in-depth discussion about the Rochdale Pioneers and the history and ethos of co-operation. The group proved extremely knowledgeable about the Rochdale Pioneers and had a fascinating discussion about co-operation, equality and working together from which our artwork concept will be developed.

After a democratic exercise to choose ten words to form the foundation of our artwork approach we finished the evening with half an hour of hands-on activity  making quick prototype kinetic sculpture from a few bike bits and explored what may be possible for our artwork.